With Love and


by Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone

Why do leaders often falter at tasks like building trust, handling poor performers, or engaging with employees?

Too many training programs reduce leadership to an equation, a matrix, or an acronym. But leadership is a relationship. It’s one human helping another. The most successful leaders show they genuinely care about their employees, and are, well, fun. It’s just like any relationship.

About Us

Zina and Patrick met while at American University where they found that they not only had a lot in common with respect to their histories, but where they discovered they shared similar values, albeit raised in two very different parts of the country. Both believed in the same principles when it came to leadership development, social science take-aways, and common human decency.

As they spent more and more time together talking and getting to know each other, they realized that together, they could do more than either could do on their own. They still believe that there is so much more to learn and share and plan to continue exploring new ideas and new ways to uncover the leader within each unique individual.

While Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone cite the science, and offer examples, tips, and practices, their larger purpose is to reintroduce the warmth of human interaction and emotion as the foundation of what leadership is all about.


Zina and Patrick’s work has been reviewed by scholars, critics, media, and practitioners across the world. Their unorthodox but effective approach to leadership has captured the hearts and minds of many.

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