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Leading With Love and Laughter: Letting Go And Getting Real At Work
SKU: 9781523093212

Tapping into what’s real.

Why do leaders often falter at tasks like building trust, handling poor performers, or engaging with employees? Because too many training programs reduce leadership to an equation, a matrix, or an acronym. But leadership is a relationship. It’s one human helping another. The most successful leaders show they genuinely care about their employees, and are, well, fun. It’s just like any relationship. Leading with love and laughter offers powerful dividends: tighter teams, stronger performance, improved morale, greater trust, more creativity, even better health! While Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone cite the science, and offer examples, tips, and practices, their larger purpose is to reintroduce the warmth of human interaction and emotion as the foundation of what leadership is all about.


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