Leading with Love and Laughter

Letting Go and Getting Real at Work

Leadership has for too long been treated as a function and not as a relationship. Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone argue that successful leadership must be based on love (altruism and empathy) and laughter (positive emotions and joy).

Science tells us that humans are deeply wired for empathy and compassion and that our emotional selves help us make better decisions and motivate others. However, the tactics we use to train leaders bear little reflection of these advancements; we’re still creating competent but emotionally distant leaders who “manage human assets” and lead by setting goals, deadlines, and deliverables.
Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone hope to flip a light switch and illuminate, above all else, that leadership begins with heart and soul. Too many training programs reduce leadership to an equation, matrix, or acronym. But leadership is a relationship. It’s one human helping another. The most successful leaders show they genuinely care about their employees and are, well, fun. It’s just like any relationship.
In seven succinct chapters, the authors show that people lead best when they tap into their genetically driven human nature to love and nurture, connect and trust. Leading with love and laughter offers powerful dividends: tighter teams, stronger performance, improved morale, greater trust, more creativity, and even better health. While Sutch and Malone cite the science and offer examples, tips, and practices, their larger purpose is to reintroduce the warmth of human interaction and emotion as the foundation of what leadership is all about.


Zina and Patrick’s work has been reviewed by scholars, critics, media, and practitioners across the world. Their unorthodox but effective approach to leadership has captured the hearts and minds of many.

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