Teach Leadership Studies With a Sense of Humor

Why (and How to) Be a Funnier and More Effective Leadership Studies Teacher and Laugh All the Way to Your Classroom

What if you could be much funnier and more effective Leadership Studies educator than you are today?

Contributing authors of this book include top professors from the Harvard University, National University (USA), University of Warwick (UK), University of Richmond, Montclair State University, Louisiana State University, University of San Diego, and so on.

The Leadership Studies teaching world has been waiting for this book: Hundreds of insights and funny examples of how you can create humor, deliver humor and be a likeable teacher or professor (and get promoted faster!).

You need to engage your students. You need to know how to make ’em laugh.

Whether you’re a new Leadership Studies eduator/faculty just starting out or a professor looking to use humor for your next “serious” lecture, this book is for you.

This book will help you develop techniques for leveraging humor and take action to improve your teaching immediately today.

Top contributing professors in this book will answer your hundreds of questions such as:

  • Where Are the Pirates? How to introduce the unexpected, inspiring curiosity, and spark student—and teacher—wonder through playful practice and support educators in their pedagogical practices? (Chapter 1)
  • How to teach “Introduction to Leadership Theories” with humor? Can humor help hire talented people? Who’s afraid of the big boss? How to respond to please the leader? (Chapter 2);
  • How to teach Leadership Studies with humor techniques inspired by stand-up comedians? Can humor be modeled and encouraged? Why are we all stand up comedians? How to teach with reflections and stories? (Chapter 3);
  • What are the ethics of laughing at yourself, laughing at others, and allowing others to laugh at you? Who do you think you are? How not to be a ‘fake’? (Chapter 4);
  • What are the perfect rules for imperfect living? What are the leadership lessons? How to have fun writing your own life sketch? (Chapter 5);
  • What is the wide, wide world of psychology and humor? Why humor is all about timing? How to design and teach a humor course? (Chapter 6);
  • How to use humor as a means to authentic classroom leadership? How to get started with a bad laugh? How to improve your classroom atmosphere? When to use humor? (Chapter 7);
  • What’s the quickest way to grab and keep educators’ attention? How to be funny 101? How to use various humor tricks to your advantage? (Chapter 8);
  • What’s authenticity in humorous leadership and how to practise it? Where’s your sense of humor and how can you get funnier? How to create space for creativity and spontaneity? (Chapter 9);
  • Why is humor serious business? How to intentionally use humor to become a more effective leader and teacher? How to use music and stories to humor your classroom? (Chapter 10);
  • How to infuse humor into your writing and presentation or lecture? What are the top humor techniques? (Chapter 11).

If you want to minimize the teacher burnout and improve your teaching effectiveness, you could hire a bunch of professional development consultants – or you could just read this book.

Take this book as your professional development guide. This entertaining guide will help you develop the humor skills necessary to take your teaching or academic career to the next higher level of success.

It’s never too late to improve your own sense of humor even if you’re not all that funny. If you decide to give this book a try, then we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Take this book as an investment in your professional development. Take charge of your teaching/academic career in Leadership Studies with just 1-Click at the top of this page.

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