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Research we WISH we had done!

The answer to this question may surprise you. Research from the 2023 World Values Survey – an international research effort that focuses on social, political, economic, religious, and cultural values around the world – raises interesting questions about where we, as Americans, compared to other countries on a whole range of measures. 

Two data points that jumped out to us were questions related to selflessness and manners. 

Respondents were asked to answer how important it was to teach children not to be selfish.  France reported the highest importance with 45% of the population feeling it was vital to encourage selflessness in children. The UK came in second with 43%, and Australia third with 42%.  The US ranked 13 of 24 countries with only 28% of those surveyed saying it was important to teach children not to be selfish.

The responses with regards to manners were even more intriguing.  Good manners were considered imperative by citizens in Egypt (96%), Nigeria (89%), and Morocco (88%).  The US ranked dead last of the 24 countries surveyed with only 52% of the respondents’ feeling manners were essential. Interestingly, this is part of a continuing trend for Americans dating back over thirty years. In 1990, 76% of Americans valued manners. By 2023, that number dropped 24%.

The potential long-term impact of this data is disturbing. What does this tell us about the workforce of the future? One thing is for sure, our ability as leaders to nurture open and safe workplaces will continue to be a challenge.     

Sure wish we would have done this research!

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