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Research we WISH we had done!

Who doesn’t need more sleep? It’s probably one of the only things that we as a nation can completely agree on. The truth is, we have suffered from sleep deprivation for years and things do not seem to be improving. According to the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), the percentage of adults not getting enough sleep remained largely unchanged from 2013 to 2022 and it hasn’t gotten any better. Thirty percent of adults in Vermont are not getting enough rest (the lowest in the country). And there must be lots of fun things to do in Hawaii, because researchers suggest 46% of adults in the Aloha state are sleep deprived.

One of the most interesting perspectives on sleep deprivation came in a recent article by Rob Newsom and Heather Wright, writing for  Though the article was ostensibly about the connection between sleep and productivity, with the obvious conclusion being that less sleep hinders productivity, the beauty of the piece was where Newsom and Wright outlined what they referred to as the blurring between work and home – something introduced during the pandemic and a challenge we’ve all faced in post-COVID months. 

They make the point that by not creating solid boundaries between our time at work and our time at home, our sleep suffers. We end up shorting our life events in favor of more time devoted to work tasks. Family time suffers. Personal time is lessened, and sleep is often the victim. By not psychologically detaching from the demands of our jobs, we create an even more fertile ground for exhaustion.

Sure wish we would have done this research!

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